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Our motto is ‘We love animals and we vote!’ We’re both a political non-profit and an animal advocacy organization. We fight for a more compassionate world for animals and humans alike through street
activism and education, grassroots campaigns and passing laws to protect animals and end abuse.

At NYCLASS no stone is left unturned in the fight for animal protection.

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Watch ‘The Truth Behind the Horse Carriage Industry’

Behind the facade of New York’s horse carriage rides lie cruel and deadly working and living conditions for the horses. Forced to pound the pavement in chaotic traffic pulling heavy loads in extreme weather, and often with untreated injuries and ailments, New York’s carriage horses are suffering and dying.

A landmark victory for New York’s carriage horses.

In 2019 we helped pass and enact into law a historic package of animal rights bills, including securing victory for carriage horses suffering from working in extreme humid heatwaves and being forced to operate in 59th Street traffic day and night.

We secured passage of our legislation, The Carriage Horse Heat Relief Bill, which was enacted into law in addition to a victory in relocating of the carriage horse passenger boarding locations from
directly in traffic to inside Central Park.

We also helped create the nation’s first Office of Animal Welfare in New York, among several other pieces of animal welfare legislation under former Mayor Bill de Blasio.

We’re not stopping here. Join us on our mission to end abuse and create a kinder world for animals in New York and beyond.


The horse carriage industry is deadly, here’s why.

Violent Carriage

Horses are forced to pull carriages in busy NYC traffic which often results in violent car crashes.

Complete Lack of
Care by Owners

Carriage horses are often overworked and uncared for, and do not receive the veterinary attention they need.

Inhumane Stabling

NYC carriage horses are kept in solitary confinement in tiny, filthy stalls in warehouse buildings in Manhattan. They are denied any kind of grass, turnout areas or freedom of movement with other horses.


Modern society and horse carriages don’t mix. It’s time to innovate and not abuse animals for the sake of tourism.

Other important issues we tackle.

NYCLASS works to make a difference for all animals, both domestic and wild. We work to improve the city animal shelters, to pass laws protecting the urban wildlife and the environment, we work to stop horse racing abuse and to end the cruel fur trade.

Animal Shelter Issues

Horse Racing

Fur Trade

Environmental Issues

Stand with NYCLASS.

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